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Bay Area modern architect Hank Schubart Jr., whose timber-clad residences in the Pacific Northwest…
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ARCHITECT HANK SCHUBART did more than design a generation’s worth of beautiful, light- infused houses on Salt Spring…
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As a young teen, eager to learn more about the principles of designing, West Coast modernist…
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“He was a California modernist,” says Michele Dunkerley, whose book on Schubart…
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The Province of British Columbia in Canada and the State of Washington in the United States…
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Salt Spring Island resident Michele Dunkerley is a business attorney whose current portfolio of work involves helping revitalize Stephenville’s…
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A monograph of one architect’s interpretation of the stunning environs that make up…
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Michele Dunkerley interviewed by James Green at book launch reception on Salt Spring Island.

” Schubart claims a significant historical position in what may be understood as a regional laboratory for domestic architectural intervention. “

– Christopher MacDonald, Professor of Architecture, School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, University of British Columbia, FRAIC.

” This sumptuously illustrated volume about architect Hank Schubart and the island community he helped define in British Columbia explores how this West Coast modernist used the ideas of Frank Lloyd Wright to design houses in which nature flows seamlessly into architecture. “

– University of Texas Press

” Michele Dunkerley’s “Houses Made of Wood and Light” celebrates the iconic residential, educational and commercial properties Schubart designed on Salt Spring Island… But the showpiece of this handsome, evocative book is the selection of Jim Alinder’s color photographs and accompanying site plans, which amplify Schubart’s remarkable capacity for connecting domestic life to surrounding landscapes. “

Bill Thompson, book review editor for The Post and Courier
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Exploring the amazing Organic Architecture of Hank Schubart.
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